A Dream Comes True

     In June 2001 the realization of a long-awaited dream began the moment we decided to leave the tight walls of our apartment and look for a house in the countryside.


We are the Zenker family
Network Administrator and DP-Trainer,
house-wife and mother
formerly a Marketing and Layouting specialist,
our 14-year-old daughter.

     Now we live in the beautiful "Marchfeld". But there was a lot of work to be done before our dream could be fulfilled, because our new home had to be adapted according to our plan. But the postponement didn't mean that we forgot about our dream. One year later we began with the realization: a cattery for Ragdolls.

     We already had a lot of experience with cats, because we had some since our childhood. We all love animals and even our daughter is extremely excited about our four-legged family members.

     Our new animals moved in one after the other. And the most wonderful thing is that they have become a big family.  It's not really necessary to mention that we are strictly against kennel-keeping of any kind. Our animals are part of the family. They are allowed to go everywhere. Only exception are our male breeders, they have their own home.

     All our kittens are growing up in a loving atmosphere, their parents are happy and trustful animals. From birth on they live in a harmonious and peaceful environment. A nice veterinary keeps an eye on them and we raise them with a lot of love.

     We can say that we have chosen one of the most beautiful hobbies, because all your work and efforts are repaid a thousandfold by the love of happy cats and kittens. And even though we often have tears in our eyes when we give the little ones away, it is still one of the nicest moments for us when we look into the beaming faces of the new owners.

     If you now think of going into breeding cats yourself -- we would like to warn you. You cannot expect this hobby to contribute positively to your family's budget -- quite the contrary. It is probably one of the most expensive hobbies you can find, and it consumes all of your free time.It requires a lot of love, a lot of understanding from your family, and a lot of financial funds. If you pursue cat breeding seriously, you do not have time for other hobbies and interests, and your family, too, will often have to play second fiddle.

     Of course, you can come visit our cattery and choose your kitten yourself. However, we ask for your understanding that we can permit you to visit the kittens only after the eighth week, that is, after their first vaccination. We are very concerned about the wellbeing of the little ones, and we do not want to run any risk.

We are already looking forward to getting to know you personally.


The Zenker family